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New logo

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Immanuel Church has a new logo! You'll see this new logo roll out on signs and screens, emails and letterheads from this week (22 November 2022).

Why do we need a new logo?

We want to tell a clear and consistent visual story to the community as we communicate the good news of Jesus Christ. Plus, when something is changed, people take notice — we want to remind the community we are here and for them!

What does our logo communicate?

The new logo tells the world a few things about us:

  • Central cross — the cross of Jesus Christ is central to everything we are and do here at Immanuel Church.

  • Rising sun over water — represents our physical location on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Water — points to our baptism, where we are connected to the death and resurrection of Christ.

  • Sun — points to Christ who calls himself “The light of the world” and our mission to shine his light for others.

  • Circle — connects us to the broader Lutheran Church of Australia, who have a circle (and central cross) in their logo.

  • Colours — the blue and gold not only represent the ocean/sky and sand of the Sunshine Coast, but they connect us to Immanuel College, who have the exact same colours on their logo.

Focus statement: “For everyone, for you.”

Along with the logo, we have a new focus statement: “For everyone, for you.”

“For everyone.” One of the amazing things about Immanuel Church is that we are for everyone — God’s grace draws together all people, all generations, all cultures. We don’t segregate into homogeneous groups; we don’t have creche, kids church, teens church, and adult church all running at the same time in separate spaces; we don’t all look or think or act the same. Rather, as the body of Christ, we’re a diverse bunch who are drawn together as one in Christ — arms and legs, knees and feet, stinky armpits and beautiful eyes, dirty fingernails and toned biceps — all lumped together into one body, with Christ as the head. That's why you’ll often hear us talk about being “intergenerational.”

So just as our gracious God welcomes everyone, we too strive to welcome all sorts. We are for the young and the old, singles and families, able persons and people with disabilities, long time followers of Jesus and those curious about him or new to the Christian faith. We are constantly striving to welcome such diversity, especially at our worship services. But this is hard! It means putting the needs of others before our own. It requires self-sacrifice. It means the first is last, and the last is first. It means learning to love as God loves.

“For you.” If there was ever a phrase that epitomises the good news of Jesus, it is perhaps the phrase “for you.” Jesus Christ came into the world “for you;” he suffered and died on the cross “for you;” he rose again to new life and ascended “for you.” The good news of Jesus is for everyone, but in particular for you! In fact, every Sunday as we celebrate Holy Communion, we hear Jesus speak these words about his body and blood: “given for you, shed for you.” Here at Immanuel Church, we desire that more and more people will hear the good news that Jesus is for everyone, and for them.

So this logo is more than a splash of ink. It communicates to the world who we are as “Immanuel Lutheran Church.”

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01 дек. 2022 г.

Love the new logo and the refreshed website. Very professional and welcoming.

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