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Life Groups

Life Groups are an important way for us to be community during the week.


What is a Life Group?

A Life Group is a bunch of people doing life together as followers of Jesus Christ. Each group is different, but most involve meeting together regularly (weekly, monthly), at a fixed location (a home, Immanuel Worship Centre), sharing a meal, reading and discussing God’s word in the Bible, prayer and worship. These groups are relaxed and real.

Life Groups are important at Immanuel

Because of our size, Life Groups are important at Immanuel. We can’t know everyone who attends or is associated with Immanuel, so Life Groups are a way for you to get to know a smaller group really well.

How do I join a Life Group?

There are lots of different Life Groups already operating. You could fit into one of the existing groups. Alternatively, if there are a few new people looking for a group, we often start a new group with all new people. The next step is to contact the Church Office and tell us you want to join a group!

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