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Ripple Effect — Jesus & Conversation

What is the Ripple Effect?

The Ripple Effect is a Christian discipleship course for evangelism, designed by City to City Australia.

This accessible and comprehensive course will help you:

  • Better understand the good news about Jesus yourself.

  • Love family and friends who don’t know Jesus by praying for them regularly.

  • Develop skills in talking about Jesus.

  • Learn how to live a life always ‘on mission’ and ready to serve God.

  • Hear what God is doing in and through others as you pray for them.

This second module, called “Jesus & Conversation,” is designed to help you prayerfully proclaim the good news of Jesus by connecting the gospel to everyday conversations.

Whole Church Sermon Series

Immanuel Church will be engaging in a four part sermon series during Sunday worship based on “Ripple Effect — Jesus & Conversation.”


“Creation & Identity”

Sunday 21 April 2024


“Fall & Brokenness”

Sunday 28 April 2024


“Redemption & Security”

Sunday 5 May 2024


“Recreation & Hope”

Sunday 12 May 2024

Life Group materials

Life Groups will have two options: short or full.

  • Short: 4 weekly sessions, aligning with sermon series.

  • Full: 8 self-paced sessions, to be started after introductory sermon series.

SHORT series (4 weekly sessions, aligning with sermons)

FULL series (8 self-paced sessions, after introductory sermon series)



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